Hourly charge fees

Consultations are charged at $544 per hour basic fee for assessments, discussions, report writing, individual training sessions, communications, arrangements, and all other consulting services.

The Ergonomic Practice Assessment (EPA) usually requires only 2½ – 3 hours to perform. However, for cases involving existing or claimed injuries, the review of relevant medical and rehabilitation records may require significant time, and the level of reporting of the EPA and of any recommendations emerging from that assessment. An estimate is usually provided at the time of engagement, with estimate updates for any interventions (if indicated) following the assessment.

Note: The most common dominating factor for the overall cost of consultation services is the level of reporting required, both following the EPA and/or any training sessions undertaken.

A retainer may be required depending upon the timing and anticipated level of the consultation services required. Invoicing may be interim or upon completion of the consultation.

In addition, the following expenses are sometimes associated with certain EPAs and training/re-training interventions programs. When they are anticipated, these will be specified, discussed, negotiated, and estimated as required for each case:

  • Required travel time (50% of hourly, or as negotiated)
  • Required expenses and disbursements
  • Costs for use of simulation equipment and materials for EPA and training sessions (usually nominal)
  • Rental of dental school operatory or private clinic for EPA and/or training, if required

Hourly fees for expert testimony, depositions, and courtroom consultations is negotiated separately.

A Special Program Package for New Graduates has been designed to help encourage adequate practice assessment and evaluation by new members of the professions. Click here for more information is you are a professional who has completed your basic or specialty training within the past two years.