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You can contact Dr. Rucker directly and confidentially by telephone:

  • 604-433-2970 (office — Pacific Time Zone)

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  • 604-433-0111

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Lance M. Rucker, DDS
Clinical Ergonomics Consulting
3341 Flagstaff Place
Vancouver, B.C. V5S 4K9

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Dr. Rucker has extensive credentials and resources for his expertise in dental clinic ergonomics which include the following:

  • Holds current dental licenses in the United States of America (California) and in Canada (British Columbia).
  • Has travelled to all parts of the U.S. and Canada to conduct Ergonomic Practice Assessments.
  • Is a citizen of both the United States (where he was born) and Canada (since 1978).
  • Writes expert medical-legal reports and has given expert testimony in courts in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Has a world-wide international reputation as an invited lecturer and keynote speaker for topics related to dental ergonomics.
  • Has taught (through Continuing Education courses) thousands of dentists and dental hygienists and other dental office personnel to understand and utilize the skills of optimal dental clinical ergonomics.
  • Has written many scholarly articles as well as general professional journal articles about his realm of special expertise in clinical ergonomics.
  • Conducts site visit evaluations of many private and institutional dental clinic practice settings.
  • Performs Ergonomic Practice Assessments in the professional’s own private dental offices, often using sophisticated patient simulation equipment. When the professional being ergonomically assessed has already retired from practice in the wake of impairment, the Ergonomic Practice Assessment is sometimes performed by prior arrangement in another private office in the region, or at a regional dental school facility, or at Dr. Rucker’s own university setting (if the professional is able and willing to travel).
  • Performs recommended interventions, when equipment adjustment or modification has been indicated, or when specialized ergonomic training/retraining has been indicated) in the professional’s own private dental offices, also using sophisticated patient simulation equipment.